TO REST. Enjoy the trills of the nightingale after the noise of the metropolis. Breathe in deeply the clean air — no wonder Belarusian swamps are called the “lungs of Europe”. Walk barefoot on the green grass after the sizzling hot asphalt. Belarus is the perfect place to forget about work during your vacation and to get inspired for future achievements.

FOR HEALTH. Mineral springs, therapeutic mud deposits, salt mines and excellent conditions for climatic treatment, the healing power of nature multiplied by highly qualified doctors is a great occasion to remember about your health and take advantage of the invitation of the Belarusian health resorts. If regular life in a sanatorium is not for you – you can have an active rest in the tourism and recreation complexes of the country. Cycling tours, horse riding routes, walking and water tours — you will have no time to be bored.

FOR IMPRESSIONS. Untouched corners of nature, thousands of lakes and rivers, a unique landscape, benchmark natural complexes, the rare species of flora and fauna of which were preserved. You can see all of this in Belarusian reserves and wildlife sanctuaries, each of which is unique. And not just see.

FOR TROPHIES. More and more often guests from near and far abroad are trying to comprehend the peculiarities of national hunting in Belarus. Only here you can feel like a participant of a royal bison hunt. Pertain of a hunter to a particular nation can be easily determined by his predilections in hunting. The Germans come to hunt big game — elk or deer. The Russians come for a wild boar hunt at the damage in the summer. The French prefer bird hunting: woodcock, blackcock and wood grouse. The Italians prefer water fowl. The English enjoy hunting foxes and wolves. Hunting does not end with a successful shot: the Belarusian legislation allows exporting hunting trophies from the country.

FOR AUTHENTICITY. It will be interesting to visit the Belarusian outback for those who prefer the “luxury” comfort class and for those who would like to live in authentic, though Spartan conditions. The entertainment activities include a trip to the apiary, a master class in baking, weaving felt boots and knitting wisps, as well as horse riding, crossbow and bow shooting, boat trips. A holiday in Belarusian agricultural estates has been a popular holiday pastime among foreigners, especially with children, for some time now.

FOR EXOTICISM. Any time of the year you can become a participant of folk celebrations: Christmas-time (Kolyady), Maslenitsa festival, Kupalie, Dozhinki. Some Belarusian ceremonies are included in the UNESCO list of intangible heritage. A lot of dishes of the Belarusian national cuisine may be exotic for many foreigners.

FOR MEMORIES. Belarus is considered to be one of the world centers of religious tourism for Jews. The unique architecture of Belarusian ancient churches attracts many Christian pilgrims. Foreigners come here to see with their own eyes the places where famous battles, in which their ancestors participated, took place. Memorials and steles in places of battles of the World War I, the War of 1812, in honor of the victory against the French and the Swedes, battles of the distant Middle Ages are established in Belarus. Numerous tilting matches with the participation of people who are indifferent to history from all over the world take place in Belarus almost the whole year through.

FOR MIRACLES. In Belarus there are at least five residences of New Year’s characters. You can visit the estate of the Belarusian Father Frost in the Belovezhskaya Puscha in the winter and summer. You can get acquainted with his Belarusian great-great-grandfather Zyuzya Poozersky, as well as visit the museum of the forest, take a tour held by a real Leshy. Fairytales and their characters are cherished in reserved Belarus. If your child is older, becoming acquainted with wildlife may be a miracle for him. There are “green routes” for school children and students all over the country. When taking a journey through the ecological trails of Belarusian regions, you can see rare plants in age-old thickets or eye animals and birds.

If you want to visit the heart of Europe, visit places where the most important historical events took place, and even take part in the reconstruction of famous battles, rest in the most untouched corners of nature, hunt in the royal forest reserve or fish in one of the thousands of glacial lakes, you should come to Belarus. Guests are always welcome here, and Belarusians know how to amaze.

Determine the type of rest and put together a route.
Choose the travel mode with the book tickets.
Get a visa (for more information see section “Ziskání víza pro vstup do Republiky Bělarus”). 
Pack your bags, check beforehand what you can carry through the Belarusian customs and what you cannot take with you. Section “Customs Regulations”.
Be sure to leave room for souvenirs.
Go on an unforgettable journey.
Come back home with unforgettable impressions and a desire to visit Belarus many more times again. 


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