Trade and economic cooperation

The Czech Republic is among twenty main trade partners of Belarus. In the year 2021, the Czech Republic ranks 19th in terms of commodity turnover, as well as in terms of exports and in terms of import volume among all the trade partners of the Republic of Belarus. 

Dynamics of Foreign Trade of Belarus with the Czech Republic
Goods (methodology of foreign trade statistics)

USD Millions



2018 2019 2020 2021

Overall trade

290,2 373,7 358 331,7 384,7


92,7 117,5 118,3 119 189,4


197,5 256,2 239,8 212,7 195,4


-104,8 -138,7 -121,5 -93,7 -6

According to the National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus (BelStat), in 2021 trade turnover in goods amounted to $ 384.7 million, or 115.9%, year−on−year (y−o−y). The Belarusian exports to the Czech Republic amounted to $ 189.4 million, or 159%, y−o−y. The imports amounted to $ 195.4 million. The trade balance deficit reached $ 6 million which was $ 87.7 million better than in 2020. 

Belarusian companies export to the Czech Republic steel and aluminum products (steel rods, pipes and profiles, metal structures from ferrous metals and aluminum, hardware); cables, petrochemical products (synthetic threads, synthetic filament); wood processing and paper industry products (sawn timber, plywood, chipboard and MDF panels, furniture, paper napkins and towels, cardboard reels, etc.); fruit and nuts, instrumentation products (communication equipment, refrigerators); engineering products and parts (parts and accessories for cars and tractors, special-purpose machines and mechanical devices); building materials (soft roofing materials, slag, structural engineering, plastics and plant materials plates). 

The most important positions of imports from the Czech Republic in 2021 include liquid pumps, panels, tables for electrical equipment, computers for automatic information processing, electric motors and generators, batteries, equipment for heat treatment of materials, medicines, food products, valves for pipelines, parts, and accessories for cars and tractors, ferrous metal products, pipes, tubes, hoses and fittings made of plastic, transmission mechanisms of machines, equipment and vehicles, containers for compressed or liquefied gas made of ferrous metals.

In 2021, the volume of mutual services amounted to $ 135.2 million (105.4% to the level of 2020), and the export of Belarusian services — $ 111.6 million (101.3% to the level of 2020). The current balance for the Republic of Belarus is positive — $ 87.9 million (decreased by $ 4.1 million).

Export of computer, telecommunication, information services amounted to $ 65,7 million dollars, transport services – $36.3 million, other business services – $ 6.2 million.

As of January 1, 2022, the total volume of accumulated investments from the Czech Republic amounted to $ 146.9 million, including direct investments – $ 115.7 million.

More than 100 enterprises with Czech capital are established in Belarus. Companies with Czech capital are working in different spheres of the economy — IT, the production of automation tools for transport, engineering and construction services, trade, industry, etc.



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